Wanted males for a photoshoot

Город: Los Angeles
Hey, y’all! I recently just relocated to Los Angeles from Minnesota for modeling,acting, and the creative field! I have a concept in mind for a shoot! I would love to gather a team of makeup artists, stylists, photographers, and models to create this vision I have in mind! I also would love to collaborate and meet any creative! If anyone wanted to create or grab coffee don’t be shy! I’m 20 years as well! I really want to create a Clavin Klein type style shoot inspiration from the Kate Moss and Mark Walhburg shoot! DM if your interested in my vision! Or if you just want to create / meet up!
I would like one male model for the “clavin Klein” shoot! Keep looking through the pictures to see me! Thank you for time and interest +17

Агентство: Anthonia Fania

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