Need females and males for music video

The Freedom Marching Project consists of: a Public Service Announcement (PSA) Commercial, 2 Song EP (R&B Version/Hip Hop Version), 2 Music Videos & a Behind the Scene Docu-Series. All of which embodies the voice of the black community around Anti-Black Racism, Oppression, White Supremacy and a need for systemic change.
The 2 Song EP will feature the songs: Freedom Marching (R&B Version) & Freedom Marching (Hip Hop Version). Together both songs will feature over 30 Black Artists from around Canada lending their voices to the cause.
This casting call is for the music video for the R&B Version. Our vision is to be as raw as we can to show the experience of our black communities. From the impacts these systems have on our black communities, to the resiliency, restraint, creativity, dedication and motivation our communities have to overcome these oppressive constructs and to the strength we have gained by saying enough is enough. Overall, the visual will reflect the honesty and realness that are represented within the lyrics of each of the songs.
Looking to shoot the video in either mid to late July or early August (COVID restrictions will determine when we shoot)

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